Import and Export is an important part of the framework for many reasons:
  • Caching
  • Network Rendering
  • Exchange with other applications/users/clients
Effex supports reading and writing of a vast amount of particle file formats that extent the flexibility of the artist working in a non Cinema 4D environment (especially freelancers can now offer services for studios working with other applications or renderers).

Currently these file formats are supported:
  • XSI .icecache
  • Houdini .bgeo/.geo
  • Krakatoa .prt
  • Realflow .bin
  • ASCII/Binary .pda/.pdb
  • Maya nCache .mc
  • Maya .pdb32/.pdb64
  • Renderman .ptc
  • Renderman .rib
  • XYZ .xyz
  • Pointclouds .pts
Effex also has its own cache file format which is not only the fastest concerning writing/reading (it uses C4Ds own read/write operations) but allows advanced storage of particle data (e.g. particle group reassignment) and grid-based data (e.g. fluid simulation data).
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