Plants & Effex PLE

Plants & Effex PLE
This Personal Learning Edition bundle contains both the Plants 1.0 animation and modeling plugin to create trees, grass and plants and the Effex 2.0 fx plugin which provides you with outstanding simulation capabilities to create liquids, fire, smoke and explosions with physically based realism.

This is the most advanced fx plugin suite available on the Cinema 4D market and allows every vfx and fx artist to create outstanding effects impossible to create with Cinema 4D alone.

  • max. render resolution: 640px
  • watermark in rendering
  • no commercial work allowed
  • no license server support
  • no 3rd Party renderer support (exkl. Krakatoa)
  • Cannot be upgraded at version jump (e.g. 1.x to 2.x)
  • Cannot be upgraded to commercial (same version)
  • no caching and no NET rendering
  • only one effex scene
  • max. particle count in simulation: 250000
  • max. grid cells in rendering: 60 voxels per dimension
  • no tree mesh saving/export
  • max grass blades: 10000
  • max hair count: 10000
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